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Most Source Camps have the following areas:

  • Labs (computer lab picture on
    • For teaching, basic set-up: 12-16 computers
    • Number of labs depends on the number of different content tracks of the programme.
  • General meeting area / plenary
  • Bazaar (bazaar picture on
    • For hanging out, having a tea, discussing FLOSSophy with Patrice.
  • Sleeping / Washing areas
    • These are often very basic showers, sometimes without hot water.
  • Eating areas where meals are served
  • Back office (office porch picture at Africa Source 2 on
    • Copy-machine
    • Printer
  • (Secure) "charging" room
  • NGO-in-a-box burning area (burning area picture on
  • Server-room (server room picture on

Additional information:

Practical layout issues

  • Consider splitting front- and back-office for first-line support
  • Create a camp map
  • Have local phones available!
  • Have two-way radios for in camp communication and to find facilitators and organisers.
  • Ensure there is sufficient reliable Power.
  • Check Electricity Plugs and Voltage Standards
  • Provide information on the local environment, health issues, food, religion etc.
  • Provide a FAQ for the camp, to avoid having to deal with the same questions over and over again. See At the Camp FAQ for more on this
  • Provide sufficient garbage bins
  • Ensure there is sufficient drinking water readily available
  • Put up signs for toilets

Secure charging room for appliances

There are never enough power plugs to charge all telephones, laptops, radios, mp3 players that are at the camp. In order to allow people to charge their equipment in a secure environment, it is useful to have a separate charging room with enough electricity and plugs and a volunteer to oversee the room to make sure nothing disappears. Don't locate the charging room in the office, as people will walk in and out all the time. Find a location that has some basic level of security. Combine the charging room with the security room for people to put their stuff temporarily.

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