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The real measure of success of a Source Camp is the emergence of self-supporting communities. Following up with participants, celebrating their participation and stressing the importance of keeping in touch, are essential for ensuring that the Camp community does not disintegrate.

Here are some sample emails that have been used in the past:

Example of an email send to all the facilitators and partners after the event (all are individually sent and tailored to each recipient!):

Dear [Name],

I hope this finds you well!

I'm writing on behalf of Tactical Tech and Source Camp partners: [Name of partner] and [Name of partner], to say a very BIG thank you for your help with Source Camp. Despite the (surprising) fact that significant time has already passed since we met there, the whole experience is certainly still very present in our minds.

We really felt that all the facilitators at Source Camp did an outstanding job of providing support to participants and handling the difficult task of thinking on their feet. We were extremely glad to have you as part of this group, we really hope that it was also enjoyable and interesting for you, [CAMP /INDIVIDUAL SPECIFIC e.g: regardless of the weather and quality of roads, and the fact that you abandoned part of it]. I really think we learnt a lot about how to teach in the area of [Reference to particular learning area]. Hopefully these things will be helpful for our other events like [Name of events]!

We are now finishing up all the reports and summarising the outcomes of the event. We will let you know when they are available online. However, if there is anything that you would like to share with us (e.g. opinions, stories, plans you've made, a project you might have decided to go for and were influenced/encouraged by your participation in the Source Camp), it will be of great help to us as we prepare the next events .Any thoughts on how to improve Source Camps would be also appreciated. However, if you've already said everything in the feedback form, please just let us just know how are you doing and what are you up to now!

Our plans are starting to shape up for [Event] and [Other event] that we have planned for 200[Number], and we have our fingers crossed that the funding will come through.

Once again, thanks a lot!


Example of an email sent to all the participants after the event (sent to the group):

Dear friends,

I am now back at the office and [Personal reference to aspects of the Source Camp that you miss].

I am writing to you to say BIG thank you to all of you. It is thanks to you that [Name of Camp] was unforgettable. We had an amazing group of people who certainly will change the world in coming decades, at least its source :-) and I am really proud to be tiny part of it. Mostly, I am missing your positive energy!

I'm also writing to invite all of you to share with everyone on the list your reflections, stories or anything good you would like to say about [Name of Camp]. It is not only a nice way to enrich our memories, but also a great tool for building the virtual community we hope to maintain for some time. I encourage each of you to write at least a sentence in response to this email: please tell us if [Name of Camp] inspired or changed anything for you. Please also tell us stories about other people, scenes or events you remember. Totally random reflections are welcome as well :)

We are currently wrapping up, working on all the reports and final reimbursements etc. We will let you know as soon as we publish some of the outcomes.

Thank you again - and I hope to hear from you very soon!!

[Name and signature]

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