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This is an example check-list for all the things you need to think of, or take along to the Camp.

Additional resources:

Have a look at the Camp Layout and Camp Life and Logistics pages for additional information.

Training Materials:

  • Flip Chart Paper/blackboards/whiteboards
  • Markers/chalk
  • Tape and alike
  • Post-it Notes/small paper

Translation (if it is necessary, not recommended):

  • Translator or Reliable Translation
  • Translators equipment


  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Make sure those are not served in one central place

Training Rooms:

  • Set up by Trainers specifications (check specs)
  • Small Group Breakout areas

Equipment List:

  • Internet Connection
  • Power
  • Network
  • Computers
    • Desktops
    • Laptops
  • LCD Projectors/other projectors as overheads
  • Screens or equivalents
  • Audio Equipment/PA System
  • Video Recorder/Player (check standards match)

Confirm with Training Facility/ venue owners for:

  • Coffee/Tea Breaks
  • Meals
  • Water (24/7)
  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Emergency contacts


  • Transport to/from Training Facility Arranged
  • Airport or Rail pick up

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