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Wrapping up and finishing off properly is important for ensuring long-lasting relationships with participants, facilitators, funders, partner organisations and the media.

Towards the end of the camp

  • Exchange T-Shirt, and other goodies (at Africa Source 2 this included O'Reilly books) for feedback forms.
  • Agree on a plan for follow-up and collaboration.

Debriefing (two parts)

The debriefing is split in two parts.

The first session should happen at the venue right after or during the last day of the event. It includes organisers, hosts, facilitators and other active participants.

We usually do a fast overview and general discussion along the lines of:

  • What was good
  • What should be improved if we would organise it again

The second debrief happens right after the event, possibly during wrapping up of the venue, it includes core organisers team and hosts. Discussion covers topics in similar way (good things and things to improve) but in more organised manner and focus on the following topics

  • Pre planning
  • Infrastructure
  • Location
  • Partners
  • Team roles capacity
  • Agenda
  • Off agenda programme
  • Participants/facilitators (collect feedback)
  • Other issues

The results from the debriefing are useful for the final report (see below) and to make sure problems are avoided in the future.

Tying up loose ends

  • Send thank-you notes to organisations and key people. See Thank You Notes for example text.
  • Analyse feedback forms and compile a report.
  • Search for and collect post-event media coverage (see Media Coverage Report for more).
  • Post reports, articles, feedback and outcomes on the web.
  • Carry out post-event publicity.
  • Close some of the discussion lists (for example lists that were used to define the agenda) and email addresses (including the one that applications were sent to) or forward them.
  • Ensure that there is a plan in place, to provide continued community support. This usually includes mailing lists, wikis, online discussion forums. Examples for mailing lists of past Source Events, which continue to be active are here (you have to join the lists before you can access the archives):

Final report

A final package is provided to funders after the event. It contains a narrative final report, a final financial report and other goodies -- for example the Camp T-Shirt -- if applicable.

  • See the Final Report page for detailed outlines of the documents that are expected.
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