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Replicating a Source event is not an easy task. This page lists some of the key concerns and some suggestions on how to address them - specifically considering the problems that an organisation, which has not organised such an event previously, might encounter. The many challenges of running Source events are summed up in the How-To Section of this wiki.

We hope that the community of participants and facilitators will contribute their thoughts on how to address these issues in the future - so that this page will become a clearning house of tried and tested solutions.

Funding - always a headache ...

We would like to underline that raising funds is always time consuming hard work. Tactical Tech has been working in this field for many years and has a solid reputation for running workshops, yet for every Source Camp, we find new challenges. For example, a funder might cancel support at the last minute, or the area that you would like to organise the event in is not one of the priority areas of the key funders. There is no best practice solution that will always work, but have a look at the Booting Up and Funding Guidelines pages for more info. Also, this is an area where we could provide support - see the Collaborate With Us page for more.

How important is the community of individuals that have been involved in previous events?

Very! Source events are community events and people grow as they participate in more workshops. If you would like help with finding the right facilitators, and to tap into our network of experienced trainers, please contact us. Details can be found on the Collaborate With Us page.

Can key individuals, like Gunner (who has been running a number of Camps), be replaced?

Only time will tell. Gunner is amazing, but we hope that there will be many more people with the ability to form a community out of a group of individuals.

The unique approach to learning/teaching requires skillful facilitators

That's true - and good facilitators are not easy to find. Again, if you want some help with this contact us directly - details are on the Collaborate With Us page.

Besides some of the more measurable outputs (technical skills, networks that support each other on discussion lists, etc.). Source events teach an attitude/spirit/flossophy and build a community -- that is difficult to convey without having participated

If you are interested in running a Source event try to participate in one of our workshops. We are always planning new ones in different regions of the world. Get in touch!

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