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The concept paper is the overall planning and direction document for a Source Camp. It is useful for fundraising, public announcements, agreeing on responsibilities and objectives with partners, and post-event reporting.

Additional resources:

Below is a comprehensive list of the (typical) elements of a concept paper. Some are crucial, while others depend on the circumstances of each event. After the event, most parts of the Concept Paper are used in the final report to funders.

Additional information:

Below is the typical structure of the Concept Paper. Not all parts are written at the same time, but the document grows as the event takes shape:

  • Short summary of the event
  • Local context and need
  • Summary of organisers' qualifications / relevant experiences
  • Aims and Objectives (see Concept Paper Example Text)
  • List of organisations and advisory group members
  • Short description of the event:


A - Event Partners (organisers, collaborators, funders)

B - Budgets

C - FOSS for non profits (see Concept Paper Example Text)

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