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As participants arrive, they receive welcome packs with the following contents:

  • Name tag - Name tags serve two purposes, they help you remember names and make it easier to strike up conversations with new friends you have not met yet, and they are colour coded to signal if someone is an organiser, participant/facilitator, or outsider/guest
  • General welcome message - To make arriving participants feel welcome, and mention any last minute changes. See General welcome message to download an example.
  • Overview of the agenda and courses (You can find a few examples on the Running the Programme page)
  • Bios of participants - See this list of bios from Africa Source 2 for examples
  • Participants guidelines - Some general guidelines on how the approach to sharing and learning that makes the Camps so special. Example from Africa Source 2 and Foss Road can be downloaded from the Participants Guidelines page.
  • Site rules - The usual rules of the house. Example to download from Site Rules page.
  • A map of the camp - Download an example of Africa Source 2 from the Camp Map page.
  • Descriptions of some of the more general sessions of a Source Camp, including Screwdriver and Skillshare ssessions, the Bazaar, the outing day, etc. See the Special Sessions page for descriptions.

These welcome packs are usually created at the camp, not beforehand, as they usually include some last-minute information. If printing at the Camp is an issue, the general parts of the pack could also be printed before arrival.

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