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This is an example of the application form, see Application Process for more details:

Please send the application in plain text format to [email address] The deadline for sending applications is [date].

We will confirm receipt of the application immediately and will ask you to check and reserve (if you do not have to pay for this) your flight to [place of the camp]. A visa can be obtained upon arrival in [leave or remove if appropriate, add name of the airport or the border name].

As we have limited space and funds, we cannot accept all participant applications and cannot reimburse the expenses for all of them. Between the [date] and [date] we will personally inform each applicant by email if we are able to invite him/her and in some cases reimburse expenses.

[Name of the camp] is a [number of days] long meeting, to be held [exact dates and name of the place]. If you would like to participate, you will need to attend the entire event, which means arriving in [place] on or before [date] and leaving on or after [date].

Fees and subsidies:-
Participants will arrange for their own travel to [name of the place]. Once there, transport to the venue from the airport in [name] will be provided. All meals and accommodation during the meeting will be provided, for the modest participation fee of [indicate how much, for example we were asking for 75 USD].

There are a limited number of participation fee subsidies available to cover this [amount] for those who are not able to raise the funds. Travel subsidies are also available for participants who would not otherwise be able to attend the meeting. Please apply as soon as possible for subsidies as there availability is limited.

Who should attend:-
This is an event for experienced professionals actively working with the
non-profit sector in [region], with a history of working with service and advocacy NGOs, educational organisations, NGO resource centres, community centres and health information organisations in [region]. To be eligible to attend, you will need to answer the questions below, providing detailed information about projects you have worked on. The application deadline is [date]. We are interested in all kinds of non-profit and technical experience, but areas of particular focus will include the following:

[list of areas]

Demonstrating that you have worked on projects in one or more of the above areas will make your application stronger.

All participants at [name of the camp] are required to be proficient desktop users of computers, have been involved in at least one NGO/technology project before and to have an existing awareness of the concept of Free and Open Source Software.

Applications from women are highly encouraged by the event organisers.

Application Questions:-
Please answer the following questions. You do not need to write long responses, but please provide us with enough information to understand your skills and interests, and to have a sense of why you want to attend [name of the camp] and what you can contribute to the event.

Please provide answers to all the following questions.

1) Basic personal information:
a. Name:
b. Gender:
c. Date of Birth:
d. Nationality:
e. Country where you live and work now:
f. Affiliation/organisation:
g. E-mail address:
h. Telephone and emergency contact number(s):
i. Anything else we should know about you (allergies, diet, medical condition, special needs):

2) What is your experience of working with non-profit organisations/the voluntary sector. What kinds of projects and initiatives have you worked on?

3) Have you been involved with any technology projects for non-profit or civil society organizations? If so please briefly explain them.

4) Where are you from, where do you live now, and what is your current professional affiliation (organisation you work for, mission of the organisation, position you have in the organisation, is your organisation a non-profit, etc.)?

5) Which track would you choose to be part of? Please select:
[list of tracks with one paragraph of description]

6) How would you classify yourself, i.e. NGO, women's rights, localisation, technical, etc.?

7) Please describe your current technical expertise and ability.

8) Why are you interested in attending [name of the camp]; what do you hope to learn?

9) [name of the camp] participants are encouraged to teach as well as to learn. What tutorials, development sessions or discussions would you like to lead (or help lead)?

10) Will you need to receive a participation fee subsidy in order to attend [name of the camp]? If so, please explain why.

11)Will you need to receive a travel subsidy in order to attend [name of the camp]? If so, please explain why and estimate how much (in US$) your round-trip travel to [name of the place] will cost.

Applications that will omit any of the questions will not be reviewed.

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