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(Note: Application emails differ per participant; changes are in fee subsidy, travel subsidy, need of visa)

Dear [Name of applicant],

It is with great pleasure we would like to invite you to participate in the [Name of camp] workshop in [Location], [Country], [Dates].

Thank you again for your application. We were very pleased to have a very large number of high quality applications: we received nearly [Number of applications] applications from NGO support professionals and staff working at the local level across [Name of region].

The applications were reviewed by a [Number of people]-person selection committee made up of the advisory group, event supporters and the organisers. The selection committee was tasked with the difficult job of not only selecting people who meet the criteria for the event, but also of creating a balance of expertise and experiences across countries. The selection process was thus very challenging, and places and funding are limited. We accordingly ask for your full cooperation: Should you find that you are unable to attend the full event, please inform us immediately so that others may benefit from this opportunity.

We are looking forward to collaborating with the participants of [Name of camp] over the coming months, and invite you to help us make this an inspiring and rewarding event. Please read this email very carefully and confirm that you can attend on the given dates and comply to our requests - thank you!


The selection committee decided to reimburse the cost of your travel as quoted in your application, to/from [Location], [Country]. We will reimburse the costs by bank transfer to your account after the workshop, when you provide us with the receipt (we will send you a separate email with questions about your bank account information). That is why we would like to ask you to buy the ticket as agreed with us (you stated the amount [Amount]). After you buy it please confirm the price, arrival and departure dates and times and flight numbers, as we would like to organise your transport to/from the airport in [Location]. Please keep in mind that you should plan your journey to arrive in [Location] [Day] or [Day] of [Month] [Year] and depart [Day] or [Day] of [Month] [Year]. It is very important that everyone will be attending all of the days of the workshop. If you can't stay for the full duration please let us know immediately. Also, please contact us immediately if you have problems purchasing the above-mentioned ticket, or if the cost of your ticket increases from the above amount (i.e. price, dates problems).


As you will need a visa to enter [Country] we would like to send you an invitation letter (by fax, email and by paper post) immediately, to ensure sufficient time for you to organise your visa. Please send us your home address and your paper mail address, your name as it appears in your passport, your passport number, your exact birth date and place (country), and fax number (with all the international extensions) ASAP. We will assist all invited participants requiring visas by sendomg invitation letters immediately following confirmation of attendance. The event organisers cannot apply for nor organise visas for participants.

Please contact the [Country] embassy/consulate proper to your country. If there is no diplomatic representation with [Country] in your country you can obtain entry visas from your point of entry into the country i.e. [Country] International Airport and all other Border Entry points.

All travellers to [Country] are required to strictly comply with the following requirements:

  1. You must be in possession of a valid passport issued and recognised by your government.
  2. [Any Health Certificate requirements, e.g. "All nationalities require an International Health Certificate showing proof of a yellow fever vaccination within the past 10 years."]

Be careful to check whether your visa is valid from the date of entry or the date of issue. Please note that obtaining a valid visa is your own responsibility!!

[Diseases] and vaccinations

[Disease] is prevalent in [Country]. Please visit either your personal physician or a travel health clinic 4-8 weeks before departure to obtain more information on [Disease] prevention, vaccinations and other health precautions.


The venue is at [Venue] in [Location], [Country]. It is a [Describe location]. It has a nice, 'camp-style' atmosphere ensuring that [Name of camp] is a community building event - in the spirit of free and open source software. Accommodation will be provided dormitory style, please be prepared for sharing rooms and bathrooms with fellow participants. If you have any problems with this or if you have particular needs please contact us immediately.

We will send send more information regarding the workshop shortly. In particular, please look out for the email discussion list
which will be established to discuss the programme of the
upcoming workshop.

We are very happy that we will meet each other and work together in [Location]!

Best wishes on behalf of the [Name of camp] organising team,

[Name of organiser]

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