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Topic: This is where you'll find the practical guidelines and tools that are useful to organisations holding their own Source Camps. The Source Camp approach is based on that developed by aspiration, and ideas have been garnered from their wiki.
This page provides an overview of the planning and implementing phases of a Source Camp, and gives more background on the philosophy behind the style of teaching and learning.
Additional resources:
  • The Work Plan is your chronological check-list that follows the same order -- Booting Up, Running the Programme, Camp Life and Logistics, and Graceful Shut Down -- as the resources in this section.

Booting Up

Although Source Camps appear really laid-back, they take a tremendous amount of planning and hard work. This section includes templates that will prove helpful when carrying out the various planning processes and activities that take place leading up to a Camp, from the Camp announcement to getting the participants there.
Sub-pages included in Booting Up:

Running the Programme

The curriculum for every Source Camp is unique, as it is designed to best fit particular regional and participant needs. This section provides ideas for and examples of content, as well as frameworks for programme design.

Camp Life and Logistics

This section includes lessons learned, and tips and ideas for addressing the things that come up during the camp: from the flow and scheduling of activities to dealing with problems and emergencies.
Sub-pages included in Camp life and Logistics:

Graceful Shut Down

Wrapping up and finishing off properly is important for ensuring long-lasting relationships with participants, facilitators, funders, partner organisations and the media.
Sub-pages included in Graceful Shut Down: