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Thanks to Fran Boon - there is a whole new section under Camp Layout that describes how to calculate how much electrical power one might need to run a camp - please have a look here for details Power - thanks Fran!

Please contribute

Created by: Marek

Seems that we are ready to go public. This is perhaps my last blog post written in full privacy ;-)

It was a great experience writing these materials on a wiki, especially using the very spiffy Gadgets wiki. Unfortunately there are some things that are not so great about wikis - for example that they make it easy for spammers and spambots to add a lot of unwanted content (or delete the content we spent so much time writing). Because we would like to avoid hiring someone to keep all the pages clean we have decided that to be a full contributor to the site you have to register. Anonymous contributors can still participate, but have less choices.

Anonymous contributors can comment on this blog, add comments to the Ex-Campers page, and of course, feel free to add more work for us to the To Do, which is the best place for you to comment on content or structure of the wiki.

If you would like to contribute to this wiki in other ways please contact us at ttc (at) tacticaltech (dot) org, we will be happy to give you more access!

More on the Beta site

Created by: Marek

ready to go - are we?, I am never sure, just some advice, first if you would like to have ALL the privileges to see EVERYTHING what's out here you better register, to do so - either look up the top right corner or click here, if you will notice something that we should improve please go to To Do and see what we are already working and on what we don't and perhaps we should, adding your comment there will be really appreciated. More in my previous post below.

Alpha to Beta

Created by: Marek

We have just changed the status of this site from Alpha to Beta. That means we went through very intensive process of tuning and fixing of this wiki. We were following advice of people that we asked to review the Alpha version. Thanks to them we were able to improve this site greatly. In particular we would like to thank Joris Koman, Marcel Mars, Dorothy Okello, Milton Aineruhanga and Daphne Kakonge. Separately we would like to thank Janet Haven - she gave us really comprehensive feedback not only about the content of this site but also about its structure.

What are the future plans for this resource - we expect feedback from all the Source Campers, after that we will be able to call it proudly version 1.0 and then we will additionally turn it into the PDF booklet. We also hope that people who found our camps in any way inspiring will contribute to this resource.

For those of you who will be visiting this wiki for the first time please let us know if there is anything that we should improve. And if there will be anyone who will come here more than once or even maybe use this guide - please let us know too!

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