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Topic: This section introduces the Source Camp idea. It provides some background on the attitude and philosophy that Source Camps are based on, a description of what Source Camps look like - especially for those that have never been to one - and talks about some of the quirky things that make these Camps so special.

Very brief Source Camp introduction

"Source events are very personal - I love them to bits! Please invite me again!" Joris Komen SchoolNet Namibia
Source Camps are week-long workshops that focus on the use of free and open source software (FOSS) in the non-profit sector. They create opportunities for practical learning and skills exchange. An emphasis on community building, which runs through everything from content design and delivery to the agenda and location, makes Source Camps an unforgettable experience. The relationships created during the workshops last long beyond the week of the Camp.

Content of this background section

Source Camp Attitude and Philosophy

Read this first! Source Camps are more than just workshops, they are based on a philosophy of sharing, learning from each other, and building communities. This page describes what we mean by that.

Source Camp Structure

On this page you find the basics of how Source Camps are structured, including some notes on content, the different roles and responsibilities of the people running the event, and a few words on how important it is to find good partners to organise a Camp.

Facilitation Source Camp-Style

Facilitation is the core concept that makes Source events so special. Thats why it needs a whole page to describe the ins and outs of choosing the right individuals, and the style of learning and teaching that is typical for Source Camps.

Replication Challenges and Solutions

Some of the key difficulties of replicating a Source event are listed on this page, together with solutions.

Quotes and Opinions

Participants and facilitators write about their personal impressions of the events. This is a great way to get a sense for the community that Source Camps create.