Experiencing Asia Source II...

I'm Carmela "Ela" Bona from the Philippines and I was one of the very
fortunate people who was able to experience Asia Source II last January
22-30, 2007 in Yawitra Asri in Sukabumi, Indonesia.

I came to Asia Source II with a very minimum knowledge on Open
Source. I've only used Linux when I was in college but that's it.
Nothing more afterwards. Participating in Asia Source II opened my eyes
on the real Open Source: its benefits, its advantages, and the changes
it can bring people. I was even shocked to see that a lot of people are
involved in Open Source advocacy. And I was very lucky and fortunate to
meet such great, intelligent, genius people.

Right now, I'm working in a non-open source environment and it makes
me so unhappy. Ever since I got back from the camp, I've always wanted
to practice my learnings in Asia Source II. I'm slowly exploring the
great tools I got from the camp (thanks to NGO-in-a-Box) and getting
started on my personal blog.Eventually, I'll be spreading the good news
of FOSS to the people around me.

Lastly, I would like to thank the organizers of Asia Source II. You
guys made me realize the real Open Source...You made me meet very great
people from all walks of life...You brought change into my life...(and im
willing to go back anytime) Thank you very much...Mabuhay ang Asia Source
II! Long Live FOSS! Long Live Asia Source! :-)
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