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Hi, I'm Handoko Suwono from Indonesia.

I feel very honored being eligible to participate in the Asia
Source II in Sukabumi, Indonesia. Meeting over 130 participants
and facilitators from all over the world is indeed an
overwhelming experience.

The camp style is a new way of training which is not the same as
other trainings or seminars held in formal occasions such as in
hotels or conference rooms. The nine days event really long
enough to know each others and create bonds. People were feeling good and eager to share knowledge in the spirit of open source (remember the skill shares and speed geekings).

I work in a small enterprise which adopt easily to adapt ICT
facilities to lower the digital divide. The experience gained
during the camp will help a lot in preparing and promoting how
open source programs can adjust to the more proprietary software particularly on lowering the budget of using expensive hardware to cope with recent upgrade of the new pricey
operating system.

The question is, will it still be free for FOSS in the future?

I also want to thank to all sponsors who make this event happen
which are UNDP APDIP, IOSN, InWent, Tactical Technology Collective, Aspiration, Hivos, and ICT Watch as the local host.

Handoko Suwono
Datacom Informatika

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