Ex-Camper from Philippines and willing to go back

Hi everyone, this is Jerome S. Gotangco from the Philippines. I was invited to participate in the recently concluded Asia Source II camp that was held in the memorable Yawitra Asri in Sukabumi, Indonesia.

While I already have deep experience with using Free and Open Source Software and even involved in some project directly, participating in the Source Camp was unexpectedly life-changing.

The camp goes beyond the technicalities and philosophies of F/OSS. I've learned to respect and love people from all walks of life, different culture, different beliefs, but we are all the same in goal and aspirations in life. The camp gave me a bigger network - not technical but social. I've earned more than I expected from the camp. Thanks for the memories and it will never be forgotten.

My thanks also to Tactical Tech for giving us the chance to experience and work with you guys. Most especially to Dirk, our track 3 facilitator who is a real hero.

Variatio Delectat,


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