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Hi All,

I want to thank Tachtical tech for great work they're doing to spread the gospel of Open source especially to the developing world, we all believe that this is immense contribution to liberate developing counties to improve our economies through use of cheap and sustainable resources and F/LOSS.

My Name is Nashon Onyalo and I took part in Africa source2 in kalangala Uganda, My unselfish opinion is that the event's experience was beyond imagination; can you for a moment think of meeting people all over the world, with different technical expertise, skills, knowledge and characters in one small beautiful beach in a remote village?

Source events are beyond description, you would probably say it's all you would need in one box.What makes this event different to me is simply "People" I wonder how they are chosen, its one out of a million events one would wish to attend. It's a place where you learn everything at ago from how to open a bottle of bear with a mere paper to constructing a huge cheap network or may be building your own multi-million FM station with $30.

I want to say big "kudos" to the organizers, they must be inspired by some hidden energies and the fact that they are now willing to share these energies in public is great news to everyone.

Thanks and Regards

Nashon Onyalo

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