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I've been lucky enough to have attended two Source Camps - AfricaSource I in Namibia, and AfricaSource II in Uganda.

While I was working with open source full-time and developing a little after work and helping people somewhat aimlessly on local mailing lists, the drive, passion, and stories from my fellow Campers convinced me that I needed to do more - to be more involved.

By the time AfricaSource II came around, I was working full-time on developing open source software (for example, on KnowledgeTree, an open source document management system), and I was helping people from all over the world on more than just a once-off basis.

I am changed - I have developed a lot of drive and confidence from my interaction with my campers, and am passionate about helping people learn to help themselves, and instilling the same passion in others.

The networking opportunities at both camps have left me with a number of contacts that I use regularly - whether to just keep up with what's happening elsewhere or connecting two people that I know so they can help each other.

In terms of skills, the most valuable to me have been those around facilitation - from learning how to focus on the needs of others and not leading them where I think they should go to various activities that I've learned and used to improve team cohesiveness.

The Source Camp programme continues to improve in ways that help the Campers learn the skills they need and perhaps more importantly to learn the confidence to ask questions, to learn from themselves, and to meet people who they can work with on their shared goals and passions.


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