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My name is Evelyn Namara from Uganda, i work with Linux Solutions.

I was part of Africa Source II, that was held in Kalangala early this year, Africa Source II was one of my most memorable experience and i do not regret being part of it.

Meeting so many people and sharing out ideas with the different guys freely was an experience that was worth not forgetting. There were lots of things to learn from the 'geeks' and people were willing to share out the knowledge freely.

I think Africa Source II was a super event and at the end of the day, going back home with lots of software as 'NGO in the box' was the best i ever experienced, to date i still use most of the material i got from the source camp and its amazing.

I believe the idea of source camps is amazing and people who go to them with lots of ambition get out there as changed people.

I have no regrets being part of Africa Source II and i have nothing to criticize about it, because to me, it was a perfect source camp.

Best regards,

Evelyn Namara, Uganda.

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