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Topic: Source Events are one of the really important achievements of Tactical Technology Collective. The materials on this wiki are part of our committment to sharing what we have learned about planning and implementing these events. You are free to use the materials on this wiki to plan and implement events that use a similar approach to learning and teaching. The whole wiki is available under a creative commons license, see the Wiki License page for more details. All we ask in return is that you credit us if you use the materials - and it would be great if you could also send feedback or comments on how to improve them.In addition, Tactical Technology Collective is committed to helping others run successful Source-style events. If you are considering to organise a workshop -- and want it to be part of the core family of Source events -- then please get in touch with us. We can provide access to our networks of facilitators, extensive expertise and experience, operational, marketing, and fundraising support, and the technical infrastructure that is used by the Source event family.


Tactical Tech is an Amsterdam-registered NGO with associates and affiliates from across Europe (based in Poland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom) as well as Australia, India and the United States. Email: ttc(at)tacticaltech(dot)org Telephone: + 48 22 3897735

Support from Tactical Technology Collective

A dedicated person from Tactical Tech is available to act as an event mentor to implementing organisations based in developing countries. The mentor will work together with the organisation from the planning phase through to follow-up (see Work Plan).
The event mentor will be part of the core team for the event. They will visit the host organisation during the planning phase to help find a venue, discuss planning, and assist with local fundraising and building the profile of the event. In the case of large events, more that one member of Tactical Tech may play a supportive role and be at the Source Camp.

The extent to which hands-on Tactical Tech involvement is required depends on the scale of the event, and the capacity and experience of the implementing organisation. Event mentors provide support in working with the templates, and assist with fundraising, assembling an advisory group and finding and choosing facilitators. The Collective will be on-hand to meet extra needs, be they financial or logistical, or in the areas of partnership building, agenda development, or facilitation.

Leaders from organisations planning to implement a Source Camp are encouraged to participate in the implementation of a prior event. This experience is hugely beneficial for better understanding and familiarising oneself with the process, and also identifying what works and what doesn't. In this way, each Source Camp acts as an incubator for the next.

Assistance with the event content and agenda will be provided as follows:
  • Access to NGO-in-a-box localised and tailored to the event.
  • Assistance with agenda design.
  • Access to a pool of potential trainers from other regions, as well as support selecting an external (national or regional) advisory group member.
  • Technology support: Tactical Tech will host a wiki for agenda development and event documentation. It will also host a mailing list for pre- and post-event discussion.