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I thought we need to write about that too!

Other - weird things can happen

we should get some kind of short stories under title "things you cannot
read about from the official reports or how water is significant" about

Summer Source - Croatia - broken arm by Free Software Foundation David Turner in Croatia while motorbiking, heavy storm on the sea that caught some people on the ferry and broad to the island of Vis in very sick condition; Water pipe from near town breaks down, we are left for one day without fresh water and over hundred people

Africa Source 1 Namibia - Steph being beaten by a spider and is spaced
out for 3/4 of the camp while on drugs; Computers for the labs arriving
only 24 hours before the beginning of the camp; The most ridiculous
thing happens there is no way to get enough fabric for the bazaar.

Asia Source - Bangalore - in non rainy season with no rain history for
decades at that period of the year in Bangalore, heavy one hour rain
destroys the bazaar structure on building which we spend almost two
days. During the outing day some people got stuck in horrendous traffic
jams spending most of that day in the buses.

Foss road - the most dramatic, we had to change the venue few days
before the event, we landed in the former Soviet Tourist Base and losing streak started: first weather changed from summer into deep fall with rains everyday, 3 people got weird flu and had to visit hospital, one stayed there overnight, due to bad infrastructure some people
experienced mild electric shocks under showers, one day the ceiling in
the computer lab collapsed under water, flooding the lab. BY the door to the dining room pipe with hot water exploded, luckily people were not around etc etc - that was the toughest one!

Africa Source 2 - money, firs a moth an a half we learn that one of the
certain donors is not able to contribute we are facing situation where
we have 35% hole in the budget and realistically 2 weeks for fixing it,
we did but then transfer from Europe gets lost for 5 weeks in between
banking wires putting us in danger of not having power and water in the middle of the camp on remote island in Kalangala. Michal gets beaten by snake, storm during the first morning floods all the labs and half of tents in which some organisers and participants were staying. Parcel with t-shirts gets arrested by customs until the day after workshop.Planned four hour trip from Kampala to Kalangala island turns in somecases into tough 12 hours of uncomfortable travel.

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