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Topic: NGO-in-a-box is a set of peer-reviewed and selected software, materials and documentation aimed at NGOs. NGO-in-a-box is run as an independent project by Tactical Technology Collective, but is also an important part of each Source Camp.In general there are two types of boxes, thematic boxes and Source Camp boxes:Thematic boxes are tailored to a particular use and purpose, for example secure communication, audio and video production, or open publishing.
Source Camp boxes are created and handed out during each Source Event. They contain all the software that was used during the Camp, so that participants can continue using it after they return home. It also contains a wealth of other software, including a Linux distrubition and some other packages that might be difficult to download in low-bandwidth regions. On the other hand Source Camp boxes contain thousands of pictures taken during the Camp by participants, the final results of our work, and any other information or documentation we want to share with each other. They are created in a small volunteer team (see the picture above for the burn room at Africa Source 2) that works tirelessly to collect all the relevent bits and pieces of information and software from participants and facilitators to include them on the CDs.
A typical Source Camp box comprises 10 CD Roms and comes in a nicely designed package.Additional resources:Please visit the website, which contains a wealth of information and access to previous box collections.